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Readers Write

Nora Percival

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See what other readers think of Weather of the Heart

I became engrossed in Weather of the Heart while on a cruise. I couldnt put it down and enjoyed it thoroughly. What a well-told story often very poignant.

Charlie. Raleigh, North Carolina

I loved it. I could hear you speak every word and it became so special that I journeyed with you . . . (At) times I had to put it down because my eyes were too tearful to read.

Connie, New Jersey

I keep thinking about it weeks after I finished it. That wonderful little girl has been with me since I finished Weather of the Heart. Thank you so much for writing it.

Ruthe. Cape Coral, FL

. . . finished Weather of the Heart and are busy extoling it to all and sundry. A wonderful story that you tell so well.

Cecilia. Manalupan, NJ

. . . I really enjoyed it. . . .(S)hes a great writer and really did her homework so that we got a hisory lesson too. . . . (W)e came to American when I was eight years too, and I also got very sick the night before we landed!

Aase, Denmark

I also came to the New World from Russia as a child. I relate so much to what you describe, and it rings bells for me. I feel like I know your parents and grandparents too. . . . My niece came for a visit, picked it up from the coffee table, started reading and wouldnt put it down for two days until she finished it.

Anna. Fresno, CA

I cannot put Weather of the Heart down. I know it will win many awards and it must give you great satisfaction.

Lila. Newland, NC

I loved Weather of the Heart. I gave my copy to my aunt, and she stayed up late into the night reading.

Melissa. Wilksboro, NC

It was wonderful to read your story. What a gutsy girl you were . . .The whole scene of the return to Europe and abandonment were really gripping and I must admit I stayed up all one night reading it to the end. What a tale!


. . . it was very hard for me to stop reading every night. I am a slow reader of English, but finished in four days. I was deeply absorbed, and am very grateful to you for giving me a rare opportunity to encounter such a book. . . .

Eiji. Japan

It was an exciting read, in doubt about the outcome.  It was hard to put it down before finding out what happens next.  I guess it was the child Nora's energy and positive attitude that moved it along and created intense interest --

Dale.  North Carolina

...I loved [Nora's] book, not because it was so literary but because it really told the family's story about the five years of extreme hardship in Russia during ... the revolution.  Also a lovely story about early New York.


... "A great deal of talent is lost in this world for want of a little courage," said Sydney Smith, an English essayist and clergyman ... [I'm glad you had the courage to write your memoir.] I really had fallen into the web of suspense you so skillfully were weaving...Your story was definitely worth preserving in print...[it] was a real page turner! ...believable, readable & thoroughly engrossing.

Elaine.  North Carolina

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