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Nora Percival

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Weather of the Heart is a unique offering. From the perspective of the 21st century, the author looks back with a clear eye to the turbulent days following the Russian Revolution. Nora Percival's research sheds light on her personal story, the story so many of us long to hear from grandparents who were unable or unwilling to look back beyond the emigre's voyage to another life and another world.
A true American story of growing up in ths country and going back to the old country and discovering . . . herself. "Here in this shabby hallway, scrunched up in a scanty space, Ive come to the end of my search." One of the joys of this powerful tale is that at the same time youre cheering for the little child, Niura, to escape the troubles of Revolutionary Russia and come to America, youre also glad that the elderly Nora will leave America and take a trip back to Russia and discover . . . . Time warps into passion, and Nora is inundated with memories of "the people who made me, as well as those I made." Theres Fraulein and Babushka and Cousin Luba and Aunt Sonja and Momma and Papa and their pasts and their pulsating futures. Things get worse after the Revolution. Soldiers rip out bathtubs, Papa cheers her up while losing his fortune, Momma is worried, all dwelling space is to be apportioned equally, and theres sickness without proper medicine. Always, always theres the Russia of fear and suspicion. "Because of Russias historic dread of invasion, her railroads had been built with tracks in a gauge incompatible with the rest of Europe." So families have to cross the border on foot. As Nora and her mother sail away from Russia, along with so many others, a spontaneous burst of applause ripples along the deck. "Here we come, America! hundreds of exhaultant voices took up the cheer in a dozen languages."

A highly intelligent and readable book that gives key answers in order to come up with crucial questions. You discover the past so that you can know how to formulate the correct question. What price freedom?

--THE BOOK READER, Spring/Summer 2002

"A poignant journey into the past with a writer who has been blessed with an adventurous life and the skill to tell the tale!"
Sharyn McCrumb, author of The Songcatcher

Not only are we treated to a well-written narrative of the author's past, but a lesson in history as well. Nora Percival tells her story from the unique perspective of a long lifetime of experience and reflection. The thousands of refugees who fled Russia and immigrated to America will especially appreciate reading of the events of her past when she was a young child living in Samara, located in central Russia.
This is a poignant story of love, trust and survival. Ther reader will share the courage that sustained them and, consequently, helped them survive. The author relates the many hardships they endured, finally bringing her from Samara, through Moscow to Latvia and England, and at last to her new life in America.
--M. A. Tomlinson, Carolina Mountain Living.

Nora was one of six leading women authors selected by's Paula Kirman. See the story.

"The memory of the young indomitable girl lingers after one finishes the book. Nora Percival paints a picture of a Russian family before the disgraces, misery, and upheavals of 1921-22 with a sure and loving hand, with finely etched memories, and with emotion that reveals the meaning of nostalgia - longing, aching for home. Her strong spirit survives the horrible events of the failed revolution and the reader longs for her to reach America and childhood joys. . . ."
-- Katarina Whitley, author of Speaking for Ourselves


"Weather of the Heart is a good read. The style is poetic and (the author) caught up all the loose ends."

-Alyce P. Nadeau, author of An Uppity Woman Speaks Out