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Nora Percival

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Nora's memoirs are "Weather of the Heart" and "Silver Pages on the Lawn"

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Silver Pages on the Lawn is the true story of student lovers during the depression days of the 1930s. Their star-crossed romance endured parental disapproval as well as the want of time, money and privacy. To bridge long separations they had to make love by mail. Their passionate letters, poignant and poetic, form the heart of their history. The memoir also paints a dramatic picture of the difficult years they lived through - the lack of jobs, the hopeless future, the dark clouds of dictatorship over Europe - and of the steadfast love that survived it all and carried them through to the life they dreamed of.

Nora Lourie Percival was a student at Barnard College in Columbia University in New York City when she met her first love, Herman Gund. A journalism student at Columbia, he endured many struggles before he became a newspaperman.


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